Miscellaneous TBY Sightings

In a few cases, I’ve sighted new birds based on a very short outing, or just a stop by the side of the road.  Since I felt these observations didn’t warrant a whole blog page, I’ll just include them here on this Miscellaneous page.  That way my site will still include a comprehensive showing of all my TBY bird sightings.  Once in a while, when I get a random new bird observation, I’ll come back and update this page.

Yellow Warbler (TBY-56) – Observed off I80 at Farad on 7/3/18

Lesser Goldfinch – Juvenile, Observed off I80 at Farad on 7/3/18 ; NOTE: after speaking with Will the TBY naturalist, I realized this was a Lesser Goldfinch and not an American Goldfinch as I’d originally identified this bird. (updated 7/30/18)

Pied-billed Grebe (TBY-74) – Observed at Upper Truckee Marsh on 7/20/18

Band-tailed Pigeon (TBY-80) – Observed at Farad near Truckee River on 8/7/18

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